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A strong community thrives because of the people who live in it. If the citizens care for the land in which they set their roots, they pay attention and strive to make it better.

Strong communities share time and resources to create a safe and comfortable home for every family. From repairing fences to feeding the hungry, there are many ways to make life easier for those less fortunate.

When the new year begins, make a resolution to patch up someone’s window or donate clothes to a thrift shop. Soon you’ll see the place where you live become brighter and warmer for everybody.


Here are some ideas for giving back to the community where you live.

1- Help the Elderly

There are always elderly people who can no longer do such tasks as cleaning the gutters or trimming trees. You might get nothing in return but a thank you, but you’ll leave their house feeling satisfied that you have made a difference.


2- Donate Toys

In the winter, the holiday season can be difficult for people with limited resources–especially if they have children. This holiday season, dig your kids’ old toys out of the basement and donate them to the thrift shop.


3- Plant a Flower Bed

Suppose you see a spot in your community that looks devoid of color, plant flowers in that patch, and take care of them. Though flowers don’t last forever, they will lift the spirits of people who will walk past the garden, inspiring them to love their community and value it more.


4- Check on Neighbors

You might not be in close contact with all of your neighbors. Take some time now and then to say hello to those you’re not best acquainted with; they might need help, and you might have the solution that they need.


You might not stay in the same community forever, but if you spend time making it more robust, you will be at peace, having left on it a positive mark. Make a resolution to give back to your community this year; it will do you good to know you made a difference.