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Steven Maleh


Plantation, Florida resident, Steve Maleh has been an active member of his community and philanthropist for over two decades.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, Steve understands the importance of stimulating the local economy and supporting small businesses. He regularly volunteers his time at numerous charitable organizations, such as Chabad of Plantation, Love Thy Neighbor, and Habitat for Humanity, and works with aspiring entrepreneurs in his community. Above all, Steve has continuously leveraged his resources to help benefit his neighbors and better his town. 

Steve Maleh, who holds a BA in Architecture from the University of Miami, has been a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity for over 25 years. His education and experience as a well-known contractor have allowed him to actively support and help build affordable housing in his community. Along with friends, family, and neighbors, Steve has logged hundreds of hours building incredible homes for those less fortunate than himself. 

In addition to his work for Habitat for Humanity, Steve is incredibly passionate about ensuring the people in his community have access to meals and affordable food items. Not only does he help to design and implement food drive initiatives, but he has been the Head Chef at his temple, Chabad of Plantation, for over a decade. Each week, he and the temple feed over 150 congregants. He also provides catering services for temple events and helps organize, donate, and orchestrate the temple’s kitchen services. 

Outside of his work at Chabad of Plantation, Steve Maleh is a board member and volunteer at Arnold Abbotts “Love Thy Neighbor.” At the world-famous food program, he works alongside dozens of other volunteers to prepare for and feed hundreds of Fort Lauderdale’s homeless population. He also coordinates and assists with food preparation for the organization’s Culinary Training classes, which help to teach relevant skills so that homeless individuals can find work within the culinary industry. 

Steve Maleh is a passionate community member who spends the majority of his free time dedicated to improving the lives of others. He and his wife support a myriad of charities, organizations, and causes close to their hearts, and regularly attend community galas and fundraising events. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Steve believes strongly in creating a culture of generosity that will help his community prosper over the course of many generations. 

To learn more about Steve and how you can become more involved in your community, be sure to check out his blog.