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Volunteers are a great way to meet like-minded individuals, make a difference in people’s lives, and strengthen your community. It’s a fun and fulfilling experience that creates an even more significant impact around the holidays.

Combine Parties with Gift Donations

Toy drives are a great way to unite the community and celebrate traditional holiday fun. You can set up face painting stations, craft tables, cookie decorating, Santa photos, and a bounce house. Finish it off with donated gifts for the children. A Christmas gathering with loved ones and friends is always enjoyable. Have everyone bring gifts to contribute to their preferred local charity this year rather than buying presents for each other. You can help others and inspire others to do the same. 

Play Santa

At this time of year, only some have the means to buy presents for their children. Many local businesses and community groups choose to sponsor a local family and buy some gifts. Contact a nearby school or institution of worship, or anonymously pay off a layaway tab at a store so families can collect their gifts.  

Help the Homeless

Volunteer to assemble care kits filled with crucial supplies. Give them out to homeless individuals around the area. You can do various other actions, such as distributing informational cards about shelters, donating warm clothing, and posting on social media to collect items for displaced community members. 

Donate Time

Most charitable causes rely on volunteers to keep them flourishing. Most homeless shelters and support organizations would appreciate any help you can provide. Do whatever you can, whether it’s a single event or a regular shift.

Donate Clothing

Giving away your old items will help you and the people receiving your clothes. Open up space in your wardrobe while assisting other people in filling theirs. In addition to Community Aid and Goodwill, you can donate a jacket directly to a coat drive or a nearby shelter, and it will find a second, much-appreciated life.

Raise Money

Social media and crowd-funding platforms like GoFundMe have made it easier to organize fundraising, but nothing beats an in-person bake sale or a school campaign for a common cause. 

Share Your Knowledge

If you are an expert in business, music, or cooking, consider an individual or group-based mentorship. Small business owners greatly benefit from hearing about mistakes made and lessons learned from someone who’s been through it first-hand. If you have athletic skills, volunteer at the local Y or rec center to guide and entertain local youths.