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More and more companies have begun to offer VTO – Volunteer Time Off. VTO is the latest corporate trend that gives back to the community, enabling employees to dedicate their time to organizations in need.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO) is similar to PTO; only instead of taking sick time or holidays, employees can use the hours to volunteer for local charities and organizations. Essentially, a company is sponsoring volunteer hours through VTO.

There are many benefits to VTO, as it benefits the community, employee morale, and even the company. Here are some reasons to consider implementing VTO.

VTO Reduces Turnover

Employee turnover is not new – many companies have struggled with high turnover rates for years. Several factors go into employee turnovers, such as treatment, burnout, lack of motivation, and general feelings of discouragement.

On the whole, employee turnover is something businesses want to avoid due to the cost of replacing and retraining employees. The good news is that VTO helps to reduce employee turnover rates. Why? People want to feel like they are doing something good with their lives, and working for a company that supports their volunteer activities is one such way.

VTO Creates New Bonds

Finding new ways to forge bonds and create connections between employees is another significant concern for most businesses. This is why there is so much support in this area. A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review proved why these bonds are so important, as the teams that got along produced better work.

Enabling coworkers to volunteer together is an excellent way to encourage these bonds to grow. Furthermore, volunteer programs and VTO can help create bonds within the community, as employees act as a form of brand ambassadors.

VTO Increases Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Visibility

These days it is all but expected for a company to have some form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), those that don’t tend to pay the price in other ways. The truth is that CSR helps retain employees (as mentioned above), attract customers, and improve a company’s brand and reputation.

Creating a VTO program is a straightforward way to promote a company’s CSR. Not only does it go a long way in showing that a company cares, but the action itself is highly visible. It’s a way of giving back that benefits the community and the company.

VTO Boosts Mental and Physical Health

Finally, we must address the direct benefits that employees can experience. VTO enables employees to make a difference in their community. Over the years, several studies have helped prove the countless mental health benefits of volunteering, everything from decreasing depression to increasing confidence.

Additionally, VTO may have some physical health benefits for employees. According to research, regular volunteering habits positively impact one’s blood pressure.