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While anyone can volunteer with a charitable organization, it’s surprising to find that most volunteers share similar traits. You don’t have to possess these characteristics to do good for others in your community, but it is likely that you already embody them. Here are a few examples of the traits that most volunteers possess.


Outgoing Personalities

Volunteers are outgoing by nature because they have to go that extra mile to connect with the less fortunate in their community. Whether they’re collecting food for the hungry or helping abused women find shelter, volunteers face the darkest sides of our society. This requires them to be somewhat extroverted, and they must be willing to take that first step.


Patience is Still a Virtue

As a volunteer, you must be extraordinarily patient. Things won’t happen as quickly as you expect, and you won’t have the broad-ranging results you hope for when you first start volunteering. You’ll have to be patient and accept the smaller victories that you do achieve. Your patience will also become helpful in helping you cope with setbacks and obstacles that interfere with your efforts to help others.


Maintain a Flexible Approach

Volunteers are also more flexible in the way they approach their volunteer positions in a charitable organization. You must be flexible in completing your tasks because you may have to fill another volunteer’s shoes for a day. This means learning how to perform multiple jobs within the organization. You’ll also have to be flexible in terms of scheduling your day or organization of an event. Things won’t always go as planned, so you’ll need to be able to think on your feet.


Exhibit Reliability

Once you commit to volunteering with an organization, you must be sure you’ll be prepared to follow through. When you quit a job, your employer may have stacks of applications for candidates eager to take your place. That’s rarely true of charitable organizations in search of volunteers. Once you agree to help them, they will rely on you to be present when they need you.


Even if you haven’t observed these qualities in yourself, you probably possess them to some degree. As you begin volunteering, your eagerness to help others will bring about more positive traits. In time, you may notice that you’ve become a more positive individual with a drive to improve the world for others.