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Volunteering in another country or region is something you have to experience to honestly know about everything it entails. However, there are some wonderful podcasts that will ease your fears about volunteering if you’re thinking of traveling abroad to lend your services to a community. Here are some podcasts you can listen to when you’re ready to reach your volunteering goals.


Volunteering While Traveling

Podcasts like the Amateur Traveler focus on travel and cover several destinations around the world. You’ll learn about travel specifically for volunteers and learn about the volunteer experience in several countries, including personal stories from volunteers. When you tune in, you’ll learn more about what traveling as a volunteer is really like. You’ll get information about ideal locations to volunteer and projects that you may want to contribute to.


Personal Stories

If you want to hear stories from volunteers who have been to other countries, check out the Every-Day Explorer podcast. You’ll hear about various aspects of the work it takes to be a successful volunteer, including some information that may not be mentioned in the volunteer program brochure. An honest account of volunteering without making every part of the experience seem easy or stress-free will help you make a logical decision about where you want to volunteer next. You’ll also get tips for planning your volunteer experience and setting up a travel itinerary that works for you.\

You can also check out the Big Vision podcast to know more about the challenges that come with volunteering and the benefits of volunteering in other countries.


Global Issues

If you’re looking to volunteer so you can make a difference in a particular country or anywhere in the world, listen to The Guardian’s Global Development podcast. This podcast can help you stay up to date with all the things happening around the world. This will help you choose where you’d like to volunteer next. Every episode of the podcast explains global issues and provides more information about the health, education, and safety issues people face around the world.


If you enjoy volunteering and want to know more about how you can do your part to make the world a better place, these podcasts could be helpful. Tuning in to these podcasts can give you ideas for community projects you can start to make a difference in your area.