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Every small business has a slightly different story on why they’re in business and what motivates them. But regardless of what your business is, it should always have a community focus.

As the founder or leader of a small business, you undoubtedly want to make money. But, there’s a fine line between customers and the community. Community is a strong word, but it’s one that small businesses should always keep close to their heart.


Don’t Take Your Community for Granted

Be sure to thank all customers and members of the community for being a part of what you do. It might sound clich√©, but it’s something that needs to be constantly said out loud. So much of what you do wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of people who allow your business to exist.

Small businesses don’t have to give back in huge ways. Be creative with your community efforts and try to find small ways you can show your support. For example, you could sponsor a local little league team or host community events in your store. The possibilities are endless.


A Sense of Belonging Is Important to All People

Your business does not exist in a bubble. It takes place in the context of a community and society, and most of your customers are members of that community. You should always look out for the people who work with, live in, play in or visit your area.

Don’t forget how important a sense of belonging is to all people. If they don’t have a sense of belonging, it can be challenging to establish a sense of community, which can have dire consequences. People need to feel like they belong, and that’s why it’s so important to spend time in the community with them.


The Benefits of Community Involvement Aren’t Just for Customers

Community involvement isn’t just for customers – it’s for you too! By giving back to the community, you can attract new customers and employees. Joining a group or participating in an event is a way to show that you care about your business and its needs. Engaging with them will also help strengthen your relationship base, so you’ll have more satisfied customers willing to buy from you (and quit if they aren’t).

Don’t let your small business sit on the sidelines and be a bystander. You have countless ways to show how you care about what happens in your community, and it starts with engagement. You’ve got to get involved and invest in the community if you want to make a difference.

If your small business is struggling with how to give back, there are loads of charities and nonprofits that can help. You can look for ways to sponsor an individual or find one (or more) organizations related to your product or service.


Small Businesses Are a Big Part of the Community

You need to realize that small businesses are essential parts of the community, and their success depends on how well they care about what happens within it. It’s not always easy, but with the right approach, you can be a big part of something special.