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If you’re just starting to dive into the world of philanthropy, charity, and everything in between, a great place to start is by giving back to your own community. No matter where you are, there is always something you can do in order to serve your community and help it grow, whether that means volunteering your time or supporting local businesses. Read on for a few easy ways to give back to your community.

Get Involved In Local Fundraising and Charity Events

Having a specific cause that you’re passionate about is a great thing, and if you can support said cause, that’s even better. Look to see if there are any nonprofit groups in your area that work towards this cause, and see how you can participate or help out. These groups will often give you plenty of ways of supporting the cause or assisting them, and it can be a great way to support not only a great cause but your local community as well.

Support Local Businesses

If you have a lot of local small businesses in your area, supporting them is a great way to give back to the community. By supporting these local businesses you’re helping them grow while also supporting every employee within those businesses, many of whom are likely locals to the area as well. This means you continue to get quality goods and services at competitive prices while also helping your community grow and thrive.

Set Up A Community Clean-Up

A great way to get not only yourself but other community members involved is by setting up a community clean-up. Choose a location, perhaps a park or some other community space, and organize a group of people who can go over and clean up any litter and various other tasks that can make the space more open and inviting to the community.

Volunteer At A Local Senior Center

If there’s a senior center in your community, call and ask about volunteer opportunities. Oftentimes these facilities need extra help providing entertainment for these residents, and it can be a great opportunity to connect with a generation who has likely been in your community for a long while. If you don’t have a local senior center, ask any of your elderly neighbors if they need a hand or if they’d like to play a game of chess. It can be a great way to make someone’s day.